Mother’s Day Menu Plans

Well, talk about putting a last minute mother’s day menu together.  Being I enjoy cooking, my husband is helping put this wonderful meal together.  I will be posting pictures of the finished product later, with the recipes.  This morning my table was covered with all my favorite cookbooks. Many of my cookbooks are Paleo based, so preparing a meal pretty much gluten free.   Thumbing through pages, and remembering all my notes that I wrote in the books what was my favorite.  I am going to make ahead items; then get the car ready for the trip to my daughter’s house in Indiana. 

Menu:  Appetizer’s:  Margarita’s, tomato tulips, tortilla chips (not paleo) and salsa

       Meal: Grilled Baby Bok Choy, Morrocan chicken marinate, citrus marinated chicken, hamburgers, grilled asparagus, creamy coleslaw and making a small batch of gluten free poppy seed hamburger buns.  

     Dessert: Carrot cake cupcakes, no-bake icebox cake (not paleo)  and Monster cookies (not paleo) 

Ok.. out the door, gotta go shopping and gather all my goodies and get busy on baking.  

Have a wonderful Mothers day and look forward to reading all your posts on how you spent this beautiful day. 



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