Putting my menu together for the week.

Putting a menu together for my family is sometimes challenging. There are times that I may be the only one eating the food for the week.  Working around family schedules.  I prep me with a piece of paper for my groceries and one for the menu:  I generally do not look at sales, being choices are slim here in Holland MI to purchase groceries.  I am picky when it comes to places to shop plus it depends; on how much time I have to go to several different stores to purchase all the things I need to get.  Here is my menu for the week:

Prior to writing my menu; I look in the freezer to see what meats I need to use. Write them down so I can make sure I can find recipes centered around them.  This week I am primarily using one cookbook, and that is my new purchase of Maria Emmerich’s “quick and easy Ketogenic Cooking”.

Here is my menu for the week:

Tuesday breakfast: Tex-Mex Breakfast gravy and keto biscuits:

Lunch: Wedge Salad with Mini Pastrami Roll ups

Dinner: Fish Taco’s

Wednesday breakfast: cream of no wheat cereal

Lunch: Salad niccose

Dinner:  Out (we have an event tonight to attend)

Thursday breakfast: chocolate shake and bacon

lunch: Turkey Sushi

Dinner: Skillet Lasagna

Friday breakfast: Cinn Roll minute muffins

lunch: Tuna salad

Dinner: Meatballs with zucchini chips

Now when writing my menu’s.  I will always write next to the menu item the page number, and since I have many books; I have a letter labeled to each book.  Example:  Fish Taco’s pg 230 L.  That way I will not be searching through many books, trying to find a recipe.

I will often try to organize items on my menu to time I have.  I will write notes if something needs to be prepared in advance.  Saving time is good, otherwise, you can waste time in the kitchen.

Preparing grocery list, mine is organized.  I divide it into columns. One column for Fruit/Veg, Dairy, Meats, and Misc (usually is the middle isle of the grocery store.  That way when shopping I can get everything I need in that part of the store.  Time management.

I will be posting some pictures of the weekly menu.  I will do my best to post daily.  So that way you will have fresh recipes.

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  1. Yenory Ramirez says:

    Hi Julie,
    All the Recipes you are preparing for this week sounds very Good and Delicious.
    I know how hard is to get together with the family and enjoy, due to diferent schedules and how busy Life’s get.
    I hope you have fun, preparing all your recipes. Looking forward for it.
    With Grocerie Shopping ,I do the same, I separated and divided everything on my list, that is a good way to go.😊


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