Made to order

So I wanted to share some of the beautiful desserts that I have made for friends and family.  I really enjoy being asked to make a dessert or create an old memory of a dessert that they remember and make.

raspberry moose cake
Raspberry Mousse Cake


This was a raspberry mousse cake with summer berries.  A girl whom I worked with; mentioned that when she was traveling she had the best raspberry mousse cake and since has not found it.  So I searched all over the internet looking at recipes.  I created this one and she loved it.  It was fun to make too.

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Another friend of mine asked me if I could create a wedding cake for her parents who were getting ready to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.  The flowers on this cake were made with marshmallows. The inside was a white cake with a raspberry filling.

This was a cake requested from my daughter for our granddaughters first birthday party. Her party was themed after the famous Dr’Seuss “Oh the places you go”.  It was a Neapolitan cake with Strawberry, Bananas, and Chocolate (was blue) layers. It was super moist.

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This was a vegan blueberry key lime cheesecake.  Made with cashews (in replace of cheese). Perfect balance of sweetness.

Chocolate B=day cake
Raspberry Wine Chocolate Cake 

A good friend of mine’s birthday was coming up and wanted to surprise her with a cake that had wine in it.  She loves wine, and why not add wine, instead of liquid.  It was very yummy and she much appreciated it.

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For some time, I made my famous sweet potato pies for a local restaurant in town.  Here is a glimpse into the sweet haven.


Shoe cupcakes
Shoe Cupcakes  


My daughter is into shoes, and I thought for her birthday I would make her a cake with only shoes.  This was a lot of fun, time-consuming.

I have really enjoyed being apart of memories.  This has laid a foundation for my future.  Thank you to all.

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