I plan on staying here.

Take me back

I have to say that being on so many diets; wondering why I shed then stall and gain it all back again.  Then I say to myself: “that didn’t work”.  Then havoc breaks out, I eat terribly, but I am going down that road that will end eventually, with a sign that says: “No outlet”.  What now?  Have you been on this road with me?

Am I really educated on what these failure diets, are doing to my mind and body?  I did learn and appreciate what my brain now tells me:  ‘you may want to stay clear of the destruction that is about to hit your tongue’.

But it’s so hard, I am sure there is someone out there reading this and saying this is me.  I now catch myself looking at people eating ice cream.  That tongue licks the side of the cone and the creamy embrace tantalizes their taste bud and they take another lick and lick.  I have to look away because what I want to do is take that ice cream out of their hand and shove it down my throat.  But wait that would be gross.   What is happening to my mind?  Am I loosing it?

Well, I have to say; not yet.   I am trying to teach my brain that there are options.  It may be the answer:  ‘No, not right now’ or ‘you know you have an ice cream maker at home and you could stop and get some coconut milk and heavy cream on the way home and create an equal dessert that may only cost you a few carbs vs ambushing your now lifestyle eating plan.

So this brings me back, I have to enjoy what I have now.  There is always a possibility to change that, with anything.  Choosing the right option is always the best.



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