Where to Eat?

EatThis past week I went on a road trip through the Midwest.  Eating out was a bit of a challenge; especially when it came to those small towns.  Choices are limited to mostly small family-owned eateries that I once only ate at.  I used Yelp a lot to help guide me, but I personally feel that too let me down in these quaint little towns.

When scrolling through Yelp and looking at the reviews and then scrolling through the pictures.  I started seeing a common theme; fried, yellow, starch which translated into processed with high carbohydrates.  Now I am following a ketogenic diet and this opened my eyes even more.  I questioned: does anyone eat anything green?

I usually would always stay clear of buffets, but at Casino’s sometimes they offer more choices.  I picked a casino and went in (now I should have scanned the buffet line).  I retrieved my plate and started to walk around.  Glazed pork chops, sweet n sour chicken, honey baked ham, sweet potatoes, candied Brussel sprouts with kale and cherries, meatloaf with a sweet mustard glaze, candied bacon collard greens,  were most of the options. They had Chinese station, that left me with zero choices.  No sushi or anything Chinese for me. I ended up with a grilled hamburger with cheese and no bun.  Of course, they had a salad bar with no meat options.  Most of the vegetable on the salad bar offered high carbohydrates.

Breakfast options at many restaurants for the Keto partaker are perhaps fasting.  This would be the better option; if you can’t stand looking at another fried egg. Because most of the restaurants that I went too offered: pancakes, bacon, eggs, french toast, biscuits and gravy and just the normal breakfast foods.  It was hard to just get a side of sauteed vegetables.  Even though they offered omelets with vegetables in them.  So when ordering it goes something like this: I would like a vegetable omelet without the eggs, no hashbrowns, no toast.  Most of the time the waitress would look at you staring like I had the plague.

Ordering vegetables are becoming extinct.  Definitely at breakfast time.  Ordering anything that is not coated in sugar is nearly impossible.

Looking around at the human race, I began to question: are we getting healthier?  Is sugar the answer?  Can we live without sugar?  Insurance premiums are going up and up.  Just why do you think that is?

I chose to try the ketogenic lifestyle to feel better.  Since starting with Whole 30 and learning about Paleo.  I have such a better understanding of what we are putting in our bodies.  We have to read labels all the time.  Even on drinks.  Sugar is everywhere!!IMG_3225

Where does one go to get health information?  Who can you believe anymore?  I totally get living in small towns in America, you have to eat with what you have.  There is no one on your side encouraging big corporations to STOP with the junk food that is going into mouths of children and adults.  There is no true education on eating whole food that is good for our bodies. Instead, keep pouring sugar down your throat and get fat so we can make money off of you.  When does this STOP?

Ok, I am venting.  I may not have studies and knowledge for backing.  But I really don’t need that when I open my eyes and travel around to see what is being offered to anyone who dines out or who drives a car to a gas station and walks into the doors of the gas station to get a snack.  There is nothing but, chips, candies, and soda pop.

I would like to hear what you think?  What are some of your frustrations about restaurants choices.

I look forward to hearing your comments.


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