Summers are always a time of year that some of us look forward too.  Between graduations, birthday’s, new baby’s arriving, holidays, barbecues are just to name a few.  This time of the year seems to pass by so fast.  Just today I went to the store and they are putting away the summer furniture and pulling out school supplies.   Where is summer going?

This past weekend was 4th of July, as with my family we got together to celebrate this beautiful summer day.  Each bringing a dish to the table, and to sit around enjoying each others company.

I brought something simple, but something that is always seen on any holiday at our families.  Deviled eggs, they were multi-colored for the festive holiday.

I made two different kinds; one is a bit spicy with a fried piece of cheese and the other being a little sweet.

4th July eggs

As always eggs are a big hit.  Hope you all had a  wonderful holiday weekend.  Please share some of your must have foods that are always on your table.

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