My journey with Ketogenic Diet.

Chocolate pancakes and ice cream

So previously I shared my black walnut coffee chip ice cream with you.  It’s so yummy, I came across a unique chocolate waffle.  That I turned into a pancake and had to give it a spin. I got the recipe from Maria Emmerich cookbook “Keto comfort foods”.  I am unfortunately am unable to share the recipe due to copyright.  But I have to say you must get the book and check it out.  The recipe calls for eggs along with hard boiled eggs.   Topping it with the ice cream was so very yummy.

So breakfast was another winner.  This was a modified fast, meaning this meal and for the latter meal was a light salad.  That was all I needed for the day.  I was satisfied.  Before when eating a  Standard American Diet, I would be normally starving and having to eat something else because my food contained more carbohydrates and would send my insulin into needing more sugar to sustain my body.  Now I don’t experience the sugar lows, and I often have to remind myself….’you need to eat, its been 14 hours’.

The ketogenic diet is working for me right now in my life.  I feel better, my skin is clearer.  I am able to remember things more and I am feeling like I have a little more time in the day.

Cooking has been a lot of fun.  Learning to cook with sweeteners vs sugar, honey, dates, maple syrup.  Eggs, I now buy 4 dozen eggs, and they generally last me three weeks possibly.  I have mentioned before as I am not a huge fan of eggs.  I am changing, I have found so many creative ways to hide them in my food.

Taking in knowledge from the podcast about Keto has been fun.   Facebook has a group for people interested or following the ketogenic lifestyle.  The group is called Ketogenic Diet open discussion.  Here I have been inspired by so many people who are walking in the same shoes I am, and also losing weight and the before and after shots are so moving.   This is what helps me to keep going, not to quit.

My waist size has dropped, I am loosing weight and now looking clothes at the store’s is becoming fun, not something that I dreaded.  My husband is following this plan with me.  He enjoys seeing the changes as well in his own body.   We used to entertain ourselves by eating out.  Those days are slipping away.  Now we are trying to find new things to do that keep us engaged without food being the main event.

I love to cook, and I am in the kitchen a lot.  I have found that I am cooking for others and just being in my sweet zone.  I am in culinary school and am looking forward to classes starting up in fall.  I will soon share some of my new books with you all.

I also love staging my food and taking pictures.  I am so passionate about that.  We all eat with our eyes, and so its so very important that our plate looks appetizing.  Thank you for following me.  Would enjoy hearing your feedback as well.



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