Love me some ice cream.

Coffee almond fudge ice cream

Did you hear about what Carrie Brown has published.  She has a new ice cream cookbook on “The Keto Ice Cream Scoop”.  Its filled with marvelous creations of creamy deliciousness.

Ice Cream has always been a love of mine, and more of a love now knowing I can incorporate it into my lifestyle.  I did not have to give it up.

This beauty is Coffee Almond Fudge.  It is so creamy, I love that when I go to get some out of the freezer it is soft, easy to scoop.  Not rock hard.

I also made her blueberry cheesecake ice cream, which was another great hit.

Blueberry cheesecake ice cream

So in my house I make ice cream twice a week.  I have not spread my wings out to try to create a new recipe of my own.  I plan on that in the near future. Just getting used to trying out new ingredients.

In the meantime you must go out and get her new cookbook Carrie Brown Ice cream book

You will be so happy you read this blog!

Have fun and enjoy your summer!!

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