Accidents happen/moving out of state/ babies are born/new home with dream kitchen.

Well I very sorry that I have not been posting recipes.  About 3 weeks ago I was making some pecan pies and was cleaning up and took the trash out.  When I returned to the house to shut the garage door; I feel down the stairs.  Fractured my right foot and sprained my left foot.  This has slowed me way down.  I have knee scooter to get me around.   Accidents are never timely.  We were in the midst of making a big move; as we sold our home and in the midst of packing and moving. Five days later to Indiana.  Now I am 50% rely on help.  I cannot put any weight on my right foot.


My husband and I decided to relocate to Indiana from Michigan to be closer to our grand children.  Our daughter was ready to give birth to our third grand child.  Along with us finding the perfect family forever home.  When looking for homes, having a large kitchen was very important.  We found this forever home, brand new and never lived in.  The Kitchen was the biggest part of the home.  You can imagine I feel in love.  So on the day of our closing, my daughter gave birth to Lyric Milo at 11:00AM.  Its been very busy and this coming weekend is my grand daughters 2nd birthday and we are having a big party.  So I’m now busy in the kitchen making birthday cake and goodies.  I hope to post some pictures.

I am back, and look forward to sharing more of my delightful creations.

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