Ice cream with a twist

Stout Ice cream

Making ice cream is so much fun.  Its not as hard as you think.  I like to create recipes that are out of the ordinary.  So here is to beer….!

While traveling with my hubby in Missouri, we went to some breweries and discovered that they would use beer in there brownies and then take it up a notch and create ice cream with it.

Is there a such of thing to create a creamy delicious ice cream that taste like beer?  Well there is.   I have been creating this masterpiece and its pretty darn good.  Unfortunately I am not sharing the recipe at this time.

For ice cream the important ingredients are eggs, heavy whipping cream, milk, sweetener, liquor/beer/wine and a softener as guar gum.

I made a Salted Carmel Bourbon Bacon Ice Cream and that is just some pure heaven.  Along with a Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream.  Yes there is actual cheddar cheese in the ice cream.  Its great on top of a apple pie.

Cheddar Cheese Ice Cream

If you have any suggestions, or would like to try a recipe but unsure let me know and I would like to try it.

Thank you!

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