In the beginning there was corn beef hash.

Cornbeef Hash Sous Vied 1

I have experienced some of the most amazing corn beef hash.  Some have been marinated in stout beer and I wanted to venture out and create new flavor.  I started with a Chocolate Stout and added some brown sugar, molasses and paprika.  I also added fresh herbs of thyme, sage.   I placed the ingredients and sealed the bag in my vacuum sealer. Put in a pot of water that was brought to a temperature of 160 F.

Cornbeef Hash Sous Vied 2

Here I let the goodness of marinating and slow cooking for about 7 hours.  I know you may think you don’t have 7 hours to spend.  But it will be the best thing you did, when all finished.  A sous vide is not like a crock pot.  You don’t have to worry about it over cooking the product.  It will only cook to the set temp.  That’s why I love it.  And here is the results:

Cornbeef Hash Sous Vied 3

Pure goodness.

Now take this and add your potatoes, onions and whatever you love in your hash.



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