You are what you eat?

IMG_5496When I was a child and on Sunday night in my household we had cereal night.  So going to the grocery store and walking down the isle, trying to find the best toy in the cereal box was my idea.  I didn’t care too much on what kind of cereal it was actually.  My father would grab the grape nuts and my mother enjoyed shredded wheat.  She would place the biscuits of shredded wheat under hot water, then place in a bowl and pour milk on top.  I grew up loving that.

Entering the grocery store now days can seem overwhelming.  Marketing of advertisements to buy the “New” products.  Often times many of us resort back to the way we were raised up and buy the familiar foods.  My mother always would look at the sales at the local grocery stores then make a menu and list based upon the sale.  I tend to do a bit of that now.  I probably skip the looking at sales.  Being my time is precious, I don’t want to spend my day going to 3 different stores.  Then again, I do that sometimes.

Getting back to topic; “You are what you eat”.  Have you ever peaked inside other people’s carts at the grocery store?   Then looked at them and said some words to yourself.  We all do it!   It’s very true, we tend to become what we eat.  For instance; Diet soda, candy bars, cookies, potato chips, fried chicken.  Is not what I would purchase, and really is not a healthy diet.  #1 Diet Soda  is terrible.  I am not going to preach to you on this subject because there is lots of information on the web if you want to find out what is wrong with it.  Candy bars, cookies, potato chips and fried chicken.  Fats, Sugar, and preservatives is whats speaking.

I know when I make my menu and grocery list, I do well to sticking to it and not impulse buying.  I am not everyone, and I am not judging your shopping habits either.  We just need to make healthier choices.   Now you need to watch out for marketing again.  They will change the wording on a package to “all natural”.  What does that mean?  Just because it says its “all natural”, doesn’t mean a thing.  Look at every single label.  Look at the sugar and added sugars.  You will be so surprised if you just looked at how much sugar is in everything.

Did you know that Sugar feeds viruses?  So when you get sick, if you eat bread, or drink soda you are feeding your virus.  This past flu season, family was just waiting for my husband and I to get sick.  Well I don’t consume the sugar that is needed to feed the virus.  We continue to remain healthy.

We can look around and see that American’s are eating way too much sugar.  Because everyone is getting bigger and bigger.  I have chosen to cut sugar from my diet.  I only eat 20 grams of carbs a day.  I feel amazing.  But this very hard for people whom don’t know a whole lot about food.

I really would like to help and if you could please leave me a comment I would like to engage in your thought about this subject.

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