Mozzarella Cheese makes a ‘damn’ good cinnamon roll. Who knew!

Fat bread cinnamon rolls

I have a weakness for sweets and especially in the morning hours.  Having a cinnamon roll, especially warm when coming out of the oven.  Place some butter and watch it melt all over, make a gooey mess on my plate.  The aroma that fills my home is so wonderful on a crisp winter morning.

I have made a bagel in the past that has incorporated cream cheese and mozzarella cheese and is often called Fatbread in the Ketogenic world.   Adding a sweetness to this, wasn’t something I thought.   That is why the joys of the internet are so wonderful when it comes to others whom have the same passion as I do.

What can be challenging can be finding recipes or even creating recipes that are low in carbohydrates that don’t taste of cardboard or have an awful aftertaste to them.   So when I discover something new, I just have to try it.

My husband was on Facebook and came across the video to this prize winner.  The ingredients alone; made me shake my head.  Mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, coconut flour and eggs, cinnamon, swerve were just a few to get the dough started.  I then had to search a little more.

The author to this fascinating recipe has perked my interest.  Not only is this a low carbohydrate treat.  I was just amazed with the ingredients.  Just how mozzarella cheese can be a hidden taste to a new found wonderful treat.  I was amazed that it rolled out just like a dough for a ‘normal’ cinnamon roll.

The author is Brenda Bennett whom has a blog ‘Sugar-free Mom’.  This is where you will find this delicate but so delicious recipe.  I prefer to have a cinnamon roll without the cream cheese frosting.

You can make this wonderful treat for breakfast and enjoy guilt free.  This recipe is only 3 net carbs.





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