Who made New Years Resolutions?

Chocolate Malted 2I am learning every year a little more.  Setting New Years Resolutions will not come true if you don’t really believe and act on it.  I stopped setting New Years Resolutions. I just now do it.

I get so happy to try out new recipes from Maria Emmerich’s “Keto Comfort Foods”.   I really never will make one of these only unless I am having company.  Because that would mean I would have to eat the whole entire things.   I loved how easy this recipe was and yet it looked like I spent a lot of time.  It is so light, but yet so filling that you can only enjoy just a bit of it.

This recipe is called “Malted Milk Ball”.

As I sliced into this beauty, and plated it.  It tasted lighter than a cheesecake.  It had more of a mousse texture.  (or pudding texture).  It was so airy and fluffy but yet so yummy.   With this light and wonderful dessert.

Maria is someone whom I admire.  She has taken the favorites of comfort to a new level using more of a natural ingredients and turning it in to a healthy sensation.  She inspires me to think outside the box.

So if you are anything like me and keeping track of your sugar.  Then this will make you happy.  It’s only 7 net carbs for a piece.  This dessert serves 12.

I highly recommend that you get her book, as there are many recipes that will turn you into a guru.

Maria Emmerich book

I have a couple of her books.  I follow her on her blog and enjoy all the new recipes that she will send to my email.

Give it a try and celebrate in new flavor.




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