silky, creamy, majestic, slight sweetness for your mouth.

Bavarian Cream Valentines

I am in culinary school and just yesterday we prepared a Bavarian cream.  It’s a light and creamy, delicate dessert.  It takes some love and patience and you too can prepare a wonderful dessert for the one you love.

With this recipe;  I can’t express enough that you need to have everything ready.  So I am going to set you up so you too can be successful in preparing this dessert.  So lets start:

You will need:

a large bowl filled with ice and water.

A bowl with whisk ( I used my kitchen aid bowl and whisk attachment).  Place this in the refrigerator now.

2 medium size bowl 


2 whisk

2 spatulas


Pouring picture

heavy pot (please do not use an aluminum pan, because your cream will turn green)

Line a cookie sheet pan with parchment and lightly coat with a food release spray or oil into 3-4 molds depending on size.  (you can use a cookie cutter, or a tomato paste can with both tom and bottom cut out, or a mold pan)

Makes approx 1 quart

8 fl.oz             Heavy Cream

1/4 oz              Powdered gelatin

2 fl oz             milk


8 fl oz             Milk

4 oz                Sugar

4 large           Egg Yolks       Place in medium bowl and whisk together gently

1 tsp                Vanilla Extract

Before  I explain the instructions, I can not urge you enough to have everything portioned out.  With this recipe its vital you have everything ready.  You have to work fast when the custard begins to thicken.


  1. Prepare your whipped cream:   Take your bowl and whisk that you placed in the refrigerator out.   Whip the cream to soft peaks and then chill.
  2. Take your gelatin and place in medium size bowl and add 2 fl. oz. of milk, stir to incorporate the gelatin and milk.  Set aside and place the strainer over the top of it.
  3. Scald 8 oz of milk in the saucepan with sugar.  Constantly whisk to dissolve the sugar.  Make sure you do not boil your milk, you just want bubbles on the side of the pan, and there will be a film over the milk.
  4.  Temper 1/2 of the hot milk slowly add into the egg yolk and whisk swiftly.  Doing this will bring the eggs up to temperature of the milk.  Make sure you are whisking to avoid curdling the eggs.
  5. Add the remaining part of milk/egg mixture back into the pot and cook over low heat.  You want to have your thermometer ready as the custard thickens.  Remove from heat when reaches 185 or coats the back of a spoon.
  6. Take hot mixture and pour into strainer that is over the bowl with the gelatin.
  7. Whisk the mixture into the gelatin and place on the bowl with the ice water.  Keep stirring as you want to get to a 95 degrees.
  8. Add your vanilla and the whipping cream.  Gently fold the whipping cream
  9. Pour the mixture into a picture with a spout.
  10. Pour into molds
  11. You can pour over, you want to make sure that it is even, you can use a knife to spread out.
  12. Place in refrigerator for 1-3 hours.  Till set
  13. Remove and gently shake the cream out of the mold.
  14. Plate and serve with garnish of sauces or edible flowers.

bavarian cream-school




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