Creating ice cream

chocolate stout 1When I get in the mode to create new flavors of ice cream, it usually comes from something that I have eaten or experienced.  Perhaps having a cocktail that has been mixed with different bitters, which create new senses for new possibly flavors.  Or it could be speaking with others as they get excited about food that they experienced.

I have several base recipes that I follow, and then adjust the ingredients depending on what I am going to add or alter.  I allow myself to contemplate the cream anglaise to the Philadelphia version meaning no eggs.  I continue to allow my mind to study the texture that I am looking for.  What kind of creaminess am I aiming for.

Ice cream is a lot of fun.  I thought at first this could get boring.  No.. this is indeed a open spectrum of all so many ideas and essence of excitement to reach every single palate.

Black garlic

Black Garlic is on the next inquisitiveness for me to adventure and experiment with.  At a food show and learned that Black Garlic is very popular in Japan as they make ice cream with it.  Activated Charcoal is another flavor that I want to add to ice cream.  Now I get not many of us crave charcoal, but there are so many great health benefits to adding this into our diet.  Let see what in the future it will bring.

Brisket Ice CreamI recently made a savory ice cream.  Lets call it Brisket.  It was quite interesting.  I have to say, not much liked among its taste testers.  Not sweet at all, which is why it was savory.  The testers whom tasted it said it tasted just like brisket.

Old fashioned 1Adding beer and spirits to my ice creams is one of my passions.  There is so much wonderful flavor that infuses a cream anglaise.  I have experimented with cider and along with beer and bourbons, gins, rums.

Currently I am infusing my cream anglaise with the true essence of bourbon, cherry extract and orange cointreau.   Look forward to the results and will share in future post.

So when I am cooking my ice cream base, the flavors tend to change so much as it gets cooler.  Up to the time of churning the ice cream.  So this can make it tricky for me at times to really pull the flavors out.

When adding herbs this can be the most challenging.  Being there is a curing process in every batch of ice cream I make.  Curing is when you allow the mixture to sit and cure over night to enhance the true flavors of the cream.  Then churning it after the 12 hour curing.

There are so many tips that go into creating a creamy delicatable taste that I want to make sure that every person whom tries my ice cream will want to come back for more.



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