Creating Flavors

IMG_7304When beginning making ice cream it was just making the simple flavors of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.  Tasting food and developing flavors that can be transformed is just half the excitement.  I sit down and have a drink and I immediately grab my phone and jot down everything I am tasting.  I then go to to my recipes and start creating flavors.  Is there a spice and herb.  What notes do I pull out.  Tasting drinks is like a wine tasting for me.  I evaluate every hint of flavor.

This ice cream shall we call the “ole fashioned.” Very creamy with a hint of orange and full flavor of the bourbon.  I did also add a little cherry extract to get that full hint of the flavors I was desired for.  This was very good, and shall be made again.

When developing flavors, its a challenge being that I am dealing with heat, as I warm up the milk and add the flavors.  Heat gives me a different tongue feel and taste.  Not until I leave to cure for 12-24 hours do I receive a different flavor.  Its now cool and more intense.  Just as you would marinate a piece of meat, the longer it marinates the more intense the flavors become.

Churning the final stage of processing this beautiful dessert, once again the flavors change.  Cold gives a new essence.  Sitting down in the backyard with a fire lit and sipping on a “old fashioned.”  This is exactly what you will get through this creamy dessert.


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