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facebook_1536534892834I want to say a sincere Thank you to all of you whom are following my page.  I know that when you pick up my business card, it brings you to my page here.

With school and working full-time as a Chef at a wonderful local Brewery and Smokehouse and owner and chef of my own Artisan Creamery.  My life is a little full at the moment, so my updating my blog has taken third seat in my life.

I want to give you a little back story of how I got here.  Growing up my mother was a excellent role model.  She was a chef in her own kitchen, she taught me how to cook, bake and enjoy life as art and beauty.  My mother was a architect, while my father was the builder.  She painted for pleasure and taught me how to sew, craft and be unique, kind and love everyone.

I was born in Bend Ore, I later moved to Washington State and lived in Anacortes which is an Island in the Puget Sound.  This is where I grew up.  I traveled with my parents to Hawaii and Canada, Mexico.  I was able to experience the greater things in life.  The seafood, the cultures of love and art.   My family owned a boat and would use this to travel up into the Desolation Sound of British Columbia, Canada. Beauty of the mountains, and green forest, the calmness of the water.  We would travel to Butchart Gardens located in Canada, where we would ride double decker, buses and enjoy tea and crumpets.

My parents retired in Hawaii, where I joined them for 5 years and moved to California and lived outside Los Angeles for about 15 years.  There I was able to experience culture.  Where we had China town, Ethiopian town, Armenian town, Mexican town, Vietnamese town, Korean town and on on.  Here I was able to experience food cooked an prepared so many different ways.  Food has always been a passion.  From sitting at the island in my parents home and preparing home made bread and cinnamon rolls to preparing a lasagna or clams with wine sauce.

I met a wonderful man, and moved to Massachusetts and lived on the water of where the fishing boats with Scallops and lobsters would be available daily on the docks.   Again the cuisine was a little different from the west coast.  The clams and lobsters tasted different.   I was able to dine with Portuguese.  Enjoy there home grown grapes and sip on the wonderful glasses of Madeira wine and enjoy Rojoes A Moda Do Minho (chunks of pork loin cooked in pig fat and seasoned with garlic and white wine).  Oh and pierogis that were so delicious prepared so many different ways.

My husband was offered a employment opportunity that he did not want to turn down.  This caused us to move again and we landed in Holland Michigan.  This community is very much dutch.  Enjoyed the working windmill that still produces flour.  This flour was used at a favorite restaurant that we would venture to all the time with homemade corn beef hash and wonderful bakery of breads and pastry’s.   Lake Michigan was simply beautiful, with waves crashing and sandy beaches.  Made a lot of wonderful friends.

There in Michigan I began to go after my calling.  I enrolled at Secchia (Culinary school). Where I started to embark on the journey of inspiration.  I worked in an Italian Pizzeria and enjoyed learning the in depth of making and preparing homemade pizza and wonderful appetizers.

Our children began to expand there families and we decided to move closer to be apart of there lives.  So we packed up and moved to Indiana.  I transferred my schooling to Ivy Tech of South Bend and continue to get my degree as a Culinarian and Pastry Chef.  Here in Indiana there was an opportunity that I could not pass up.  A smokehouse that was established was relocating to a new location and opening a brewery.  They had a position open for a cook.  Here I have been able to explore all my passions and bring them in to all the specials.  I have been able to create some wonderful complimentary dishes to there already wonderful smoked meats.  Also I have been able to create a blend of homemade ice cream from there beer.  Creating such creamy ice cream of variety of flavors that is sold at the restaurant in a sandwich form or in a scoop.

Here I began my own Artisan Creamery llc, reflecting my past and present love of art and passion for food that makes every person experience a wonderful piece of my life through a spoonful of love. My goal currently is prepare ice cream for fundraisers, businesses whom would like to create a signature brand.  I am open to opportunities and look forward to you following my Facebook page: Artisan CreameryFB_IMG_1536535175637

I want to Thank Brad  and Amy Sutter, Brad Bibler, Chuck and Kathy Bowlds for giving me an opportunity to express my passions.  I look forward to what the future will bring for all in the business ventures ahead.  So come to Orthocity Brewery and Smokehouse and discover wonderful food and a great atmosphere of good food and beer.

If you would like to know more about my ice cream, please contact me here and I look forward to making a batch especially for you!



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