When I was about 7 years old, my mother would have a dinner night planned.  Whoever cooked the main dish would not have to do the dishes.  So I began flipping through pages of a magazine, cookbooks looking for the perfect main course.  She would show me how to look through the recipe to see what we had in the house and what we needed to purchase.  She would often teach me about coupons.  To look at the weekly store specials to plan meals around what was on sale.

The meal was planned and then she would help me with reading the recipe step by step.  She taught me to clean as I go, and often would say “less clean up when your all done”.  As we were preparing the dish, and giving it its finishing touches.  She would often tell me; “you would jump up and want to plate the dish, making it your artistic creation”.

About a year ago, my beautiful daughter told me that I needed to start a blog.  She wanted me to share my love of cooking.  I responded with I am not a blog writer.  Well, things have changed.  I am pursuing my love for cooking and am going to culinary school.  I took a creative writing class this past semester, and this class reminded me of my love for writing and expressing my artistic passion.

Over the past years, I have struggled with some health issues.  Where I found it very difficult to swallow food; where I could be eating a salad or a piece of steak.  This brought me on a new adventure of trying to figure out what foods were actually causing me to have theses issues.  During the past year, I have been trying out Paleo.  I started with the Whole 30, then have graduated to Paleo.  I feel great when I stick to the eating plan, it’s when I de-rail that I feel like you know what.  So on my blog, I will be sharing with you many recipes with Paleo cooking, which consist of no grains, no legumes, refined sugars, processed foods, refined vegetable oils and some dairy.  I can consume goats milk, right now I haven’t noticed any effects on my body.

I hope that this blog will help you reach your artistic approach to food.  From the recipe to the ingredients and to the plate where the eye will embrace the full essence of eating.