Why the word diet?

This word can be so disturbing to me.  It tells me in part to DIE.  I don’t want to die, I am having too much fun.   Starting a diet sometimes makes me feel; that I have to give up something.  In reality, I am not giving up; I am taking back.

Not to drag on and on and bore you with the why I am going to diet.  I am here to share recipes that I am trying.  For this what life is supposed to be like.   I am a foodie, I am enrolled culinary school and I have had some health issues with food.  Instead of griping and complaining.  I am taking to food and finding new ways to express my love and passion.  That’s why I am the artistic fork.

I have once again ordered some new cookbooks to my collection.  They come tomorrow so I will be sharing the new excitement with you.   I will be traveling to my daughters and be staying with her a couple of days;  cooking for her family.  I will share, some of the meals that I will be preparing for her.

I begin the Diet chapter Sunday.  This is where I am going to follow a Ketogenic Diet for 30 days.  I look forward to sharing some goodness with your throughout.

Let’s live life to the fullest! Take me back